Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Type

I learned to type on my Mom's 1970's electric Samsonite typewriter. I still remember the hum of that machine when you plugged it in, the heavy case it was stored in and changing out the black type cartridge for the white correct cartridge.  Definitely a far cry from today's iPad!

But there is something to be said for remembering the past and all its glory.  Which is why I searched high and low for a typewriter to display at our wedding last July.  I found this at a garage sale for $25 including the Gregg Typing Manual 2nd edition!

I had the clever idea like others before me to use the typewriter as my guest book.  However, the ribbon was a bit dried out and even after I found a replacement online it still just didn't work quite right.  But that's okay because my amazing florist, Alison Kynerd Thomas, was still able to style my guest book area and incorporate the typerwriter.  We put a single white sheet into the type writer and simply typed:

emily and blake perry
july 25, 2010

Here are a few pics of the guest book and guest favor area from our wedding day.
photos via Rob Ingram
Now the typewriter hangs out in our dining room on our antique buffet table or as I call it-the wedding shrine.  It houses the typewriter, two of my favorite pictures from our wedding day, the caricature we used as our save the dates (details here) framed with our guest's signatures and the goblet and plate that we took The Lord's Supper from during the ceremony.

I plan to eventually use the typewriter in either our foyer or entry way to greet guests like these peeps have:

Whimages traditional entry
Miss Mustard Seed- Living Room eclectic living room

Or maybe when I finally get a big girl home office, I'll find a special place for it there.  Heck let's dream big, maybe someday in the store front of my stationary/invitation biz!

How great is the typewriter letter wall art in the photo above. It makes me think of the adorable necklaces, rings and cuff links from etsy seller Gwen Delicious.

cuff links only $21 great gift for your gent!

necklace only $31 available in all 26 letters!
Lucky for me, I can still practice my typing skills using my handy Gregg Typing Manual 2nd edition.

I mean each lesson is complete with speed drills and assignments so you can practice up on how to type that perfect interoffice memorandum or even that memo to the other girls in your Business Club!

Hey, maybe I could redesign that vintage typewriter and typing lesson into an adorable kitschy Save the Date. Obviously, I would use the classic typewriter font and the fab couple from the cover of my typing textbook for a little nostalgic romance.

I better go, I have a few more typing drills to do and I don't want to get carpel tunnel.


snacktive said...

I love the invite! Type writers are so vintage and cool, you'll definitely have one someday. Your wedding looks so pretty!

christen said...

i never got to tell you how much i loved these cute lil save the dates too! who doesn't love typewriters?!