Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pop Paper: Snake on the Town Edition

This edition of Pop Paper is dedicated to those famous headliners that are currently taking New York City. That's right, you guessed it the Bronx Zoo's escaped Egyptian Cobra and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.  These 3 are all over NYC these days flashing their Sssserious sssstyle sssssense everywhere they go. (sorry I had to make the pun)

photo via Bronx Zoo
photo via Forums The Fashionspot

photo via Outfit Identifier

So the Mr. has the same opinion discussed in this post about snakeskin as animal print but I disagree. I think in small doses it is acceptable.  Like in the case of the Kardashians in the above photos, a simple clutch or a full patterned top paired down with jeans.  Here are some easy ways to get the look on a budget so you too can be a "Snake on the Town."

1. Kim picked these $39.95 heels as her shoe of the month in February on
2. This awesome snake ring for only $4 from Charlotte Russe.
3. And this clutch/wallet on for just $19.99

Hey, maybe I could redesign that "Snake on the Town" look into a corporate invitation. I haven't gone this angle before but I am thinking that the Bronx Zoo needs some serious PR when they reopen the World of Reptiles and you know those Kardashians don't miss a chance to show up in public.

Well, I gotta go I'm a #snakeonthetown

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Anonymous said...

Ha! This was very funny!

Drop by my blog today...I've posted about the baby shower brunch I threw this past weekend. Tell me what you think! :)