Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mod About You

Okay so apparently I am about all things retro these days based on this and this. And lately, I cannot get enough of  vintage fashion.  (Nor can my sassy friend Christen over at Fashionplate Cheapskate. She has some rocking threads.)  I own 3 real vintage dresses and every spring they go into heavy rotation.

The one on your left is from eBay, the one in the middle was a garage sale find and the one on the right is from my crazy Great Aunt.  It was a Christmas gift but I'm pretty sure it was from her closet and she wrapped it up and mailed it to me.  Either way it's a win-win.

I think I just love the simplicity of the Mod style.  All you need is a basic shift dress in a solid color or fun pattern. Timeless.  I mean case in point, please look at this little collage of past and present Mod fashion.

Top Row: Sienna Miller in a super short mini, Twiggy, the Queen of Mod, in an adorable blousy number, Duffy in a simple sweater rocking the 1960 pigtails and smokey eye, and this fashion spread that was in Lucky 2009.

Bottom Row: A Simplicity Pattern from the 1960s, The insanely talented Adele who can do no wrong, and of course our favorite office secretary, Joan Holloway, from Mad Men.

Let's look a little more closely at that fashion spread from the pages of Lucky magazine.  I'm not sure what issue it was from but I do know it was back in 2009 because I ripped this page out strictly for the hairstyle.

photo via Lucky
Hey maybe I could redesign that Lucky, Mod inspired outfit into an engagement party invitation.  I love the bold orange and blue background against the purple and olive in her outfit. I am also loving the checkered floor but let's add a little twist to our pattern.  

Hmmm I may have to make a thrift store trip sooner than later. Anyone want to join me?


christen said...

i still see you! i ripped out that same pic of the girl in the purple cardigan and green dress and it's glued permanently in my lookbook!!! love the cute stationery too!

Anonymous said...

It's not mod, but I'm wearing a thrifted dress today and enjoying it thoroughly. I'm always up for a trip.

Cait said...

wow how cute :) love love love the dresses! xo your blog is fabulous!