Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainbow Connection

I love all things Kate Spade.  She isn't afraid of color and she is able to still produce really sophisticated pieces that don't look overly cutesy.  I also love that Bryce Dallas Howard is the 2011 face of Kate Spade and the very first celebrity that they have featured.  Her long flowing auburn locks make me want to go from black to red. And how cute is this little video of her on their website!?

I mean this entire look makes me want to buy my Easter Sunday outfit now!

photo via Kate Spade
This dress has everything going for it. Tons of happy color, the perfect fit and a clean, structured look. It can be yours for $395 but you better hurry it's going fast! As a matter of fact, you can buy Bryce's whole look right down to the accessories.
Large Scout Purse $395

Small Scout Purse $295

Adorable Pink Earrings $45
Lovely Flower Ring $55

I can't stop staring at the dress. Perhaps its because the shape of the dress is such a classic.  I mean please feast your eyes on this picture of my Mom and Dad back in the late 1960s when they were dating.

It's pretty much the exact same dress just in a different pattern, even down to the little belt.  Okay now my Mom's insanely shiny, black bob reminded me why I love my dark hair.  And seriously, how cute is this photo?! My dad is even rocking a pretty classic look too!

So I know I am not reinventing the wheel because Kate Spade already has a stationary line but maybe I could redesign that classic dress with all it's happy color into some lovely stationary.  And in honor of my mother, the fashionplate, I'll use her maiden name as my stationary inspiration.

 I wonder if my Mom still has that dress somewhere in her house? I need to either learn to sew or start making more money to afford my taste in clothes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the Award Goes To...

This Sunday marks the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and sure it's fun to see who wins but it is more fun to plop down in front of the TV and watch E!'s red carpet and see who is wearing who.

In honor of the golden statue I thought I would dedicate this post to all things gold inspired.

photo via Oscars
 And if you need some background music I have always enjoyed this little diddy by Jill Scott, Golden.

So maybe you you don't have Rachel Zoe styling you this Sunday. Or maybe you loaned your golden Oscar de la Renta gown out to Cameron Diaz and she hasn't returned it.  Either way, I feel like you can still sparkle and shine this Sunday.

photo via Harper's Bazaar
photo via Access Hollywood
I think the key is taking care of your accessories from your "tips" to your "toes."  And the ridiculously fashionable and beautiful Emily from the blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, perfected the gold manicure when she posted this:

photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere
As for your toes, I own a few metallic pairs of shoes.  But  my absolute favs are none other than my Jessica Simpson's.  Like I said in a previous post, love her or hate her the girl has got some fashion sense.  I heart them so much that they had to make an appearance in my engagement photos.  I've mentioned her before, but Amy from the blog, ToDo  is also a budding photog and she did a fab job.

photo via Amy
So now that we have our nails and shoes down, let's get to the real reason for this post.  I have had my eye on this gorgeous necklace from etsy seller, Ashleigh, of  Birdseed Crafts.  I am awe-inspired by her blog where she talks about her 2011 goal of turning her hobby into a full time career.  I am also tempted not to link this necklace for fear someone will snatch it up before my payday.  It's only $32 which is a small price to pay!

how sassy is her model!?

photo via Birdseed Crafts
So go paint your nails, put on your fancy metallic shoes, buy a fab necklace and turn on the Oscars.  Oh and why not bake and decorate these little cupcakes? Martha Stewart would.

photo via Martha Stewart
Hey, maybe I could redesign that golden fashion palate into an Oscar party invitation.  I will try as hard as I can to translate that sparkle on paper and even emulate that adorable necklace. These charming square invites would definitely be enclosed in metallic gold envelopes just like the winners' names.

Let's be honest, I will probably be coming straight from yoga and end up falling asleep watching the ceremony on the couch this Sunday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orange You Pretty in Purple!

Growing up a Georgia fan my father taught me to hate all things orange.  Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and occasionally Clemson.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered Clemson's colors were Orange and Purple.  For some reason I always thought they were Orange and Blue. But no that's a deep purple those boys have painted on their chests.

photo via Stadium Drives
 And I also recently discovered that their stadium holds the same name,  "Death Valley," as another purple, Southern tiger stadium in Louisiana. Who knew?
photo via Clemson Tigers
Needless to say, I have tried to stay away from most things orange.  However just this past week, I got both my March Lucky magazine and Real Simple issue and discovered that this Spring- orange is the new black.  Even last February's Lucky magazine had cover girl, Nicole Richie, sporting the orange and purple combo.

photo via Lucky
I tried finding that exact skirt she's wearing online but alas it is nowhere to be seen. If you have an extra $385 to spare you can find something similar here.

Real Simple even did a whole fashion feature "Orange Crush" and paired orange with navy, hot pink and purple. Just a little sneak peak into the issue-page 99 for those of you following along at home.

photo via Real Simple
 And just so you can get a better look at this AH-MA-ZING Tory Burch dress, here is another photo below.  Sadly, its $350 and currently sold out. 

photo via Tory Burch
Even the homepage of Saks had the orange/purple color combo as Spring's "see-worthy" trends. That is, if you can stomach the price tag of these Fendi color block sandals.  Just a mere $740. Rent Schment

photo via Saks

So how can a girl afford the trend?  Don't worry. OPI has you covered with their Texas Collection.  Check out this little color, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear!, for only $8.50.

photo via Beautysak

If you are feeling a little gutsy, Victoria Secret has a sexy spin on the color combo.  The top will run you around $24 and the bottoms will only set you back $16. I posed for this picture by the way that's just a different person's head-S'weird.

photo via Victoria Secret
Or you can go vintage and purchase this fab dress for only $40 from etsy seller OneRareBird.

photo via OneRareBird

Either way there are several opportunities for this Spring's hottest trend to be affordable.  Personally for me, maybe I could redesign that color combo of orange and purple into a pretty little trendy Save the Date.

Okay okay, I still twitch a little when I see too much orange but maybe I can start slowly and paint my nails this week and pair them with a great purple dress.

Oh and please note that if you have something that you want me to redesign, I will. Just drop me a comment below.  My pricing is totally affordable and I'd love the chance to redesign that!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Popstar Paper

This week's edition of Pop Paper pays homage to the one and only Jessica Simpson. As we all know, Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to to free agent NFL player Eric Johnson back in November.  Oddly it was around the same exact time as her ex, Nick and Vanessa, but whateves the girl is happy.  You can see it here and here and here.

photo via Jessica's twitter

photo via Jessica's twitter

photo via People
Love her or hate her she has a billion dollar fashion industry bringing in around the same volume as Michael Kors! And I am the first one to tell you, I love her shoes, bags and clothes.  The girl keeps it real with her down home Texas charm and she always is down for a good time.

photo via nymag
a real good time...
photo via omg!

When I think of a good time I always want to add a little fashion animal print into the mix. Now my Mr. will be the first one to tell me he isn't a fan of anything animal print.  And I have to agree in the case of  Nicki Minaj at this year's grammys but I think moderation is the key.

photo via Just Jared
For example I am digging on Jessica's animal print bag complimenting her toned down neutrals.

photo via omg!
 Or Who What Wear Daily's Look of the Day: Kate Moss in her leopard Christian Louboutin wedges.

photo via WhoWhatWear
Hey even I worked a touch of animal print this past October when I met Giuliana Rancic at a book signing.

shameless name dropper
Jessica even knows that just a touch of the wild side can be sexy and fun.  Case in point, a few affordable items from her own intimate line like these Leopard Print Panties for only $8.99, this  Leopard Lace Demi Bra for only $29.99 or even this sassy Leopard Lace Corset for $49.99.

all photos via Jessica Simpson Collection

Maybe I could redesign that leopard print motif into a fun whimsical lingerie shower invitation.  I feel like this little invite would be something that Jessica would appreciate! 

I hope Ken Paves can do my hair for the party!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Retro Kitchen

We rent we don't own.  Hence the lack of curtains mentioned in this post.  And as I said the other day, our house was built in the 1920s.  I love so many of the charming details. The arched doorways, the hardwoods and the amazing chandeliers.  But what I heart most is our kitchen!  It is so retro.  Even down to the ironing board that comes out of the wall.  I don't iron very much but I crack up every time my hubby asks me to iron one of his shirts because I am in the kitchen...ironing! So Betty Draper of me. {Well minus the cigarette.}

photo via amc
Here is a little peek into our kitchen.  These pictures are from when we first moved in because according to the Mr. he wanted to clean before I took recent photos.  Don't let me stop you!  It still looks pretty much the same only a few tweaks here and there.

This is the brand of sink we have! How great is that-Feel like a Beauty Queen while you wash dishes!!
However before I even knew we were gonna live here I had registered for this must have kitchen appliance in Buttercup. Best part is-I got it! My bridesmaids are all Grammy award winning Rockstars because they got it for me!

photo via Amazon
It fits the retro "Beauty Queen" kitchen perfectly.  I am also a little jealous of  this designer kitchen i found on House Beautiful.

photo via House Beautiful
The floor, the counter tops, the island, the double sinks, the ceiling, those light fixtures...need I say more.  Insane.  At least we do have the same kitchen aid!

Maybe I could redesign that retro kitchen into a lovely little bridal shower invite!  I tried to mimic my own kitchen floor and replicate the "Beauty Queen" font the best I could. 

If I was invited and money was no option, I would probably buy the bride this little number in Ice.

photo via Amazon
Oh well money does seem to be an option and my day job is calling.