Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mad Hatter

It is very rainy and dreary in my world.  Besides cupcakes, accessories tend to cheer me up.  Throw on a darling necklace, scarf or belt and instantly that frown turns upside down.  However, I think the headpiece tends to add a bit of instant glam.

A real life example would be Kate Middleton. Now that she is engaged to the one and only Prince William we have seen her everywhere and does she know how to rock some awesome head pieces or what?!

photos via Marie Claire

Of course so does Carrie Bradshaw-aka Sarah Jessica Parker.  I want to say that this Philip Treacy hat wasn't over the top because she is SJP and this was at the London premiere of Sex and The City. But it may have literally been just a tad over the top considering it doesn't even fit in the photos.

photo via Style Frizz
Either way, I already own a few pretty kicking headbands but I think I am searching more for a headpiece.  I found a few that strike my fancy.  You can purchase these little treats from NikkiJewel ranging from $45-$60, where else, but off my favorite site Etsy.com of course.

photos via NikkiJewel
I thought why not redesign that headpiece into a lovely wedding shower invitation. I made sure to include the netting, feathers and flowers and why not pretend this is for a fashionista living in London!

I better go, I hear my tea kettle whistling and I don't want to burn my crumpets!

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angela said...

Such a great post, I just did one about headpieces earlier today. I'm going to write a new post and put a link this entry if that's ok. So inspirational! :)