Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainbow Connection

I love all things Kate Spade.  She isn't afraid of color and she is able to still produce really sophisticated pieces that don't look overly cutesy.  I also love that Bryce Dallas Howard is the 2011 face of Kate Spade and the very first celebrity that they have featured.  Her long flowing auburn locks make me want to go from black to red. And how cute is this little video of her on their website!?

I mean this entire look makes me want to buy my Easter Sunday outfit now!

photo via Kate Spade
This dress has everything going for it. Tons of happy color, the perfect fit and a clean, structured look. It can be yours for $395 but you better hurry it's going fast! As a matter of fact, you can buy Bryce's whole look right down to the accessories.
Large Scout Purse $395

Small Scout Purse $295

Adorable Pink Earrings $45
Lovely Flower Ring $55

I can't stop staring at the dress. Perhaps its because the shape of the dress is such a classic.  I mean please feast your eyes on this picture of my Mom and Dad back in the late 1960s when they were dating.

It's pretty much the exact same dress just in a different pattern, even down to the little belt.  Okay now my Mom's insanely shiny, black bob reminded me why I love my dark hair.  And seriously, how cute is this photo?! My dad is even rocking a pretty classic look too!

So I know I am not reinventing the wheel because Kate Spade already has a stationary line but maybe I could redesign that classic dress with all it's happy color into some lovely stationary.  And in honor of my mother, the fashionplate, I'll use her maiden name as my stationary inspiration.

 I wonder if my Mom still has that dress somewhere in her house? I need to either learn to sew or start making more money to afford my taste in clothes!


Royaltygirl said...

I love, love that photo of your mom! I have some of my mom and dad that I use for fashion inspiration too! I just bought some high waisted jeans to wear with a gingham top because my mother was wearing it in a photo! I also saw a picture of Bryce in some white jeans in a kate spade ad and I am going to copy that too.

I love your stationary design!

coy colleen said...

LOVE kate spade. the quintessential basics & accessories every american girl should own. the paper/stataionary products are also so cute - can never go wrong :)

Sandra R. Burke said...

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