Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paper Chandeliers

I wore these rocking earrings today. My fab friend and author the adorable Fashionplate Cheapskate blog, Christen, gave them to me.

They honestly make any outfit I wear instantly better. And oddly I own a lot of teal outfits that work well with the gemstone.  I think something about dangling, cascading earrings instantly add glam to my day.   They also make me think of my dining room chandelier.  The house was built in the 1920s so I can only imagine the light fixture emulates the roaring 20s fashion.

I feel very Great Gatsby when I am in the dining room. But we also have this other pretty chandy in our foyer.  I am still looking for the perfect side table for that area.

I am also digging the idea of a bold chandelier as a piece of art work. I mean this would inspire me to wake up early just so I could sit down at my breakfast table and bask in the glow of this:

photo via House Beautiful

Chandeliers have always had an impact on fashion and honestly they still do to this day. Just check out the designs by Luis Valenzuela from The Green Show at this week's New York Fashion Week.  His eco-friendly designs are made from recycled fabrics and materials such as lamp shades, brick bark and chandeliers.

photo via Treehugger
Even Prada had a few chandy inspired pieces from their Spring 2010 ready to wear collection. I think she forgot to wear a slip though-how embarrassing!

photo via

If you notice the shoes in that photo, rumor has it only 3 pairs were sent to the US from that collection.  So if you must have a pair of chandelier inspired kicks then BCBG offers a more wearable pair for around $195.
photo via BCBG
And if you literally want to wear a chandy then will send you this little number for $99.

photo via

 I also have realized that cupcakes and chandeliers go hand in hand.  When we were at Fresh Cupcakes the other weekend they had these delicate petite chandeliers hanging around the bakery.

And if you happen to live in the UK you can even order cupcakes with chandeliers on them! Right? I know! How genius is that? For £42 you can order 6 of these little darlings from Peggy's Cupcakes in London

photo via Not on the High Street
 Maybe I could redesign that chandelier into a party invite.  I would definitely serve cupcakes and cocktails. This invite needs to be a bit fancier like the subject we are redesigning. So I would get them cut in a circular shape and definitely insert them into a metallic or sparkly envelope!

Well I already have some leftover Valentine's cupcakes that my husband baked me. Hmmm I wonder is it too early for a cocktail?

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snacktive said...

It's never too early for a cocktail! The chandeliers in your home are really pretty!