Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paper Love

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I have been trying to think of a different spin on the holiday. I have scoured the internet, blogs and twitter and found many sources of inspiration.

As example, one of my lovely friends, Amy, from the informative and entertaining blog, ToDo!, has been posting all month on the many forms of love.  Do yourself a favor and hop over there and read when you get a chance.

I also came across this amazing bedroom from fellow blogger Maria of Dreamy Whites.  I have saved these stunning photos of her daughter's bedroom as a possible option for a little girl's room or guest bedroom.

photos via Dreamy Whites
In her post, she explains the pom poms were leftover Martha Stewart Valentine's Day decorations that they had made. You still have a few more days to feel crafty for Valentine's Day so click here for the decorations and instructions to make your own Martha Stewart Pom Poms.

photos via Martha Stewart Weddings
 I wish I had the craftiness to actually make those.  That same friend Amy does and has! She made them for one of my wedding showers and then we used them at the wedding rehearsal as our bouquets!

Hanging at the Wedding Shower. Photo via Amy

At the Wedding Rehearsal and my adorable niece and nephew. Photo via Amy
That soft pink keeps showing up everywhere.  Even in the photo above my Maid of Honor is rocking a pretty fab soft, pastel pink dress.  Makes me think of the sexy Eva Mendes, who rocked this Christian Dior number last year at Comic Con.

photo via Prom Advice
With all this pink, frilly, lovey-dovey talk I wonder where a guy falls into this holiday.  Actually I know just where he falls in.  My amazing, funny, talented painter friend, Patty George, host a Dinner of Love every year around Valentine's Day.  Besides all of her other talents she is also a great cook. She invites over several friends and cooks them dinner at her beautiful home. It is such a great way to share the holiday that sometimes becomes overly commercialized and the men love it! They get to eat till there hearts content. 

Hey, maybe I could redesign that invitation for her using the lovely soft pinks and quirky decorative pom poms.  Here is my paper love contribution to St. Valentine!

I gave Patty the night off in this invite and had someone else cook for her! The address and phone number is fake so don't try showing up on Valentine's Day looking for a free meal!
Well there is snow on the ground again in the deep south so I guess I'll go warm up the coffee a little more.


snacktive said...

Cute! I love that soft pink color right now too!

Kathleen Carla. said...

aww I fell in love with your site, esp this cute valentine's day DIY project..amaazing!! became a follower :). happy almost valentine's day! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the blog love my friend. I love your blog, but I love you more!

Meredith Davenport said...

Are you referring to the Patty George I know or are there two?