Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Dandy

I remember being a little girl and picking dandelions all through recess, making a wish and blowing the dandelion into the wind.  There is something still very dreamy and romantic about dandelions.  Now that I'm all grown up maybe I should buy this dress when I need to reminisce.

photo via Boden

Take a look at this amazing centerpiece that The Sweetest Occasion featured using dandelions, books, wood and wine bottles.  You can see all of the photo shoot here.

All photos via The Sweetest Occasion

So simple but elegant.  I may save these pics for nesting ideas as well!

Hey, maybe I could redesign that dandelion centerpiece and spring dress into a lovely bridal shower invite.  Romantic, simple and fun. {Just like my daydreams in recess!}

Pretty sure I always wished for a longer recess! What did you wish for?

Friday, May 20, 2011

aDRESSed: Pretty Pleats

Today's aDRESSed features this amazing number from the newly launched BHLDN line.  BHLDN is closely connected to Anthropologie, so you know it'll be fabulous.

Case. In. Point.

photo via BHLDN
This pleated fantasy gown will run you around $3,600 but imagine the fun you will have elegantly walking down the aisle and dancing till dawn in this number!  The dress is a shade of white & silver that stands out in a crowd and would look lovely paired with a soft lavender. 

I picture this wedding taking place in a modern venue like a museum or an upscale art gallery.  Classy and modern but offering plenty of room to twirl.

Top Row: Every bride needs to perfect shoes and luckily BHLDN doesn't disappoint with these Agave Peep Toes. The perfect bridesmaid dress from Ann Taylor Loft.  A bouquet that doesn't overwhelm via The Knot.

Middle Row: The groom looking dapper in his matching silver tie and delicate boutonniere via The Knot. The perfectly pleated cake from Faithfully Cakes.  A perfect spot for the cocktail hour via The Knot.

Bottom Row: Twirling the night away under the magical lanterns via The Knot.  Just enough for your hair from Twigs & Honey {same vendor who made my veil!}.  Elegant place cards via The Knot.

Hey, maybe I could redesign that fantasy pleated gown into a lovely wedding invitation. It needs to have the perfect mix of elegance and sass.  Elegant fonts with a touch of flare to set the mood.

You had me at Anthropologie, BHLDN.  I'm a forever fan!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letterpressed Physician

So if you been following my tweets from the weekend, you'll know that the Mr. is officially a Dr. 

I am so thrilled and proud of him.  I remember 4 years ago when I attended his White Coat ceremony and wondered if I would still be a part of his life to see his actual graduation.  Lucky for me, not only did I get to see his graduation, I got to see it as his Mrs.

This is a classic photo face for us. Don't be alarmed.
So what do you give the graduate?  We had a little cook-out complete with ice cream cake {requested by the new Dr and designed by Bruster's}

But I also wanted to get him something special.  My parents already gave him this awesome vintage army watch from J.Crew.

photo via J.Crew

So sticking with the vintage theme, I got him this fab vintage Doctor's Bag from Etsy seller: OdaraElle

I also got fellow blogger and one of my besties, Christen from Fashionplate Cheapskate to get her mom {Oopsy Daisy} to monogram a piece of fabric saying, " Dr. Blake Perry" so that I could adhere it to the inside of his bag.  Unfortunately, the first thing the future Dr. did was zip up the bag and lock it before I could tell him that I didn't have the key!?! 

I didn't want to stop there, so  I also wanted to get him his own personal stationary.  I haven't done much stationary that is focused for a man, so I knew before I tried to redesign that medical degree into personal stationary I should just keep it simple.  One color on a cream paper.  I also wanted it to be extra special, so I contacted my friend Jenny of Press Charming to letterpress my design. I love letterpress!! It takes everything up a notch.

Here's my design and here is my design "letterpressed" complete with the bag {locked}, his stationary and his monogram.

Know any good locksmith's?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lights Camera Action

I love going to the movies.  The lights go down and the big screen comes alive. The Mr. and I go quite often and you have to get a popcorn even if you just ate dinner!  That's part of the experience. 

I love the idea of having a movie/old hollywood themed wedding or party.  How fun would it be to get married in an old theater, have your guests walk a red carpet and you would have to serve popcorn and fountain drinks at the reception!  I put together a little inspiration board with a few ideas:

Column 1: {top to bottom} The  ridiculously, amazing Reese Witherspoon, A film reel inspired wedding cake by Sogni Di Zucchero, and this adorable DIY popcorn idea from Ruffled Blog
Column 2: {top to bottom} My favorite local theater, The Alabama Theater, photographed by Angela Karen, the Mr. & Me leaving our wedding in a classic car, photographed by Rob Ingram, A lovely centerpiece idea from this real wedding featured on The Green Wedding Shoes, Showing old romantic movies at your outdoor reception, idea from this real wedding featured on Snippet & Ink.

Hey, maybe I could redesign that old hollywood movie theme into an adorable Save the Date card. I'd use the classic filmstrip style and replace the countdown with the wedding date.  To keep the look & feel the same, I'd use a sepia tone photo {I used one of our own photos from our engagement shoot last April} and classic fonts.

Now I want a bowl of  popcorn so I can curl up and watch an old movie!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I thought I would introduce a new feature: aDRESSed.  One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is finding the DRESS!  I had so much fun scouring the internet, blogs and magazines leading up to my dress shopping. So I thought this new feature would be designed around the DRESS!

First up, as the premiere post of aDRESSed is this adorable number by Aria.

photos via Aria

I love everything about it. The length, the detailing of the fabric, the tiny sash and the candlelight color.  I think it would look great paired with one of Aria's bowties for the groom.  The price can't be beat ranging from $32-$52.

photos via Aria
It makes me think of our favorite New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw, and her courthouse ceremony to Big.  It was fashionable yet simple and not over the top.

photo via WeddingBee
I put together a little inspiration board for the perfect civil ceremony with a little after party.  Intimate details with a whimsical twist.

All photos via The Knot
 Top Row:  The perfect red bouquet, The sweetest wedding cake with lovebirds.
Bottom Row: An elegant but casual outdoor brunch, Something blue

And of course the best part, I redesigned that lovely Aria dress into a whimsical invitation.  Complete with red & teal accents and 2 little love birds.  I joined a fun scripted font that reinforced the romantic, intimate detailing of a private ceremony with a laidback casual font for the after party.

So what do you think? Do you like my first aDRESSed post?  Ready to see more? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pop Paper: You've Got Me Feeling Emotions

When I was 11, I saved some of my allowance and went out and bought Mariah Carey's single, Emotions.

photo via Billboard
 And as a tween, she really did have me feeling some E-MO-TIONS.  But now we are both all grown up. And we both married younger men.  However, I think she is more of a cougar than me. The Mr. is only 5 years younger not 12 like Nick.

photo via
 And last week, Mariah and Nick became proud parents.  Yes, she finally gave birth to those twins. According to she delivered the girl first then the boy.  And on her website she released the names of her twins, Moroccan {boy} & Monroe {girl}.

I love the front page of her website. It is totally Mariah, complete with butterflies, a photo of her wearing a skimpy  gold outfit and swirly font.

Hey maybe I could redesign that website home page into a birth announcement for Mariah and Nick and their twins.  I will use images from istock since we haven't seen an official photo yet. I'll make sure to include plenty of butterflies, swirly font and a luxurious golden background.  These would definitely be mailed in metallic envelopes and scented with her perfume, Forever.

I hope Mariah has a wonderful first Mother's Day! I can't wait to see what Moroccan & Monroe really look like!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paw Prints.

"But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan."-C.S. Lewis {The Last Battle, Chronicles of Narnia}

I first started a blog in 2008, after my parents were in a horrible car accident.  You can go here to start at the first post and begin reading the whole story.  The blog was mainly a way for me to update everyone with the day to day progress of my parents.  Then the more I typed, the more I began to heal. My parents are better and only a few lingering problems remain since that fateful day on December 8, 2008. 

Sadly, a week ago tornadoes ripped through our town of Tuscaloosa, AL and now April 27, 2011 will be another one of those days I will never forget. I am sure you have all seen images and footage by now, so I'll save you the pain of having to see it again. Needless to say, words and photos do not describe what happened here until you see it first hand.  My husband's Aunt and Uncle lost their home in Pleasant Grove, AL and what I saw there I will never forget.

I have a hard time going back to "normal."  I have the Mr., Kitty Lynn, a roof over my head, power, cable and internet access.  I thought I would attempt to do what I did in 2008 and allow the blog to help me heal again from the emotional trauma that we were a part of.

I needed something that was lighthearted today.  I realized the two things that makes everyone smile are children and pets. 

This is Atticus. He lives next door and was in the basement during the storm. He is safe and has already gone home for the summer. He is the nicest cat ever. Kitty Lynn hates him.  Normally, Atticus is a fluffy Persian.   However, he got a haircut recently. I wish you could see his tail in the photo. It seriously looks just like a lion's tail!

Hey, maybe I could redesign that funny cat's haircut into some cute calling cards for a little girl.  Instead of a cat with a haircut, why don't we just go ahead and create some lions.

I actually created this just days before the storm for one of my friend's daughters.  I can't wait to get them all printed out and ship them her way!