Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Dandy

I remember being a little girl and picking dandelions all through recess, making a wish and blowing the dandelion into the wind.  There is something still very dreamy and romantic about dandelions.  Now that I'm all grown up maybe I should buy this dress when I need to reminisce.

photo via Boden

Take a look at this amazing centerpiece that The Sweetest Occasion featured using dandelions, books, wood and wine bottles.  You can see all of the photo shoot here.

All photos via The Sweetest Occasion

So simple but elegant.  I may save these pics for nesting ideas as well!

Hey, maybe I could redesign that dandelion centerpiece and spring dress into a lovely bridal shower invite.  Romantic, simple and fun. {Just like my daydreams in recess!}

Pretty sure I always wished for a longer recess! What did you wish for?


Julie Tiemann said...

So fun that you chose dandelions. We're hopefully about to unveil a new logo at the Children's Home, and let's just say dandelions might be involved. :) Love your blog!

Heather said...

I love dandelions! That centerpiece was probably pretty hard to put together without the wishers flying everywhere!