Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anchors Away

The new j.crew catalog came in the mail yesterday.  Every time it drops through my mail slot it transports me to another world.  If I had to pick one catalog that I wanted to live in, I think it would be j.crew.

I flipped it open and immediately my eyes were drawn to this nautical little number. I feel like I have been trying to find this dress every summer and luckily here it is!

photo via my scanner and j.crew's February catalog
For $78 I could purchase  the proclaimed "see-worthy" Maritime Dress and set sail with that darling man in the khaki pants, which hopefully in my j.crew lifestyle would be my husband considering I think he owns those exact pants already.

But why stop there! Let's pretend in my j.crew fantasy world, we also own this amazing Beachside cottage.

photos via House Beautiful

 And we are going to invite you and several of our charming friends over to kick-off the summer in style.  I would buy this delicate little anchor necklace that only cost $6.99 on Yes, I am still being thrifty even when I live in j. crew world!
photo via

So pack your weekender bag. What's that? You don't have one? Perhaps this affordable tote from Brooks Brothers. It'll only set you back a whopping $35.20! I love a good sale.

photo via Brooks Brothers
Bring these bright wellies just in case it rains. Target has them online for $19.99! And come on over!
photo via Target

Okay sorry I have snapped back to reality.  It is still January and has been drizzling a cool wet rain all day.  But maybe I could redesign that whole j.crew dream world into a great little summer party invitation! Complete with clean, crisp lines, anchors, & red, white and blues!

Well my SS Reality has come back into port and I am pretty sure I have some laundry to fold and dishes to wash!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pop Paper

I'm in love with a few things this week.  One of them being this fantastic, totally trendy but yummy nail color:

photo via Bakerella

I have been drooling over this color since last year and  I finally found the cheaper $1.99 version at Walgreens.  Sure you have to put on a couple of coats and it only lasts 3 days but it is rocking!  Makes me think of the color of sea foam and warmer days.

photo via Sinful Colors

Speaking of sea foam and warmer days.  We have a little business trip planned to South Carolina next weekend.  South Carolina begs to be visited.  The climate, the food, the people and of course Charleston. If I can't live there full time maybe I can bring a little Charleston charm and the coast into my home. I have my eye on this:

photo via Posh Living
For $40 this little pillow may be the easiest way for some instant Southern Charm.

And finally I am, and forever will be, in love with the gorgeous and also Southern,  Reese Witherspoon.  She can do no wrong in my fashion book. I ran across this photo of Ms. Reese Witherspoon shopping in Paris. Pure cold weather style perfection.  Sure she is in all black but those shoes are outta control!

photo via omg!
Rumor has it she was checking out bridal gowns for her big day when she weds her newly announced fiance Jim Toth.

photo via People
 So I got to thinking, how fun would it be to produce paper goods to the Hollywood Elite, hence today's blog title, Pop Paper.  I would love to redesign that wedding invite using the color of  my yummy mint apple/teal nail polish, perhaps a little coral inspiration with the Southern charm and style of Ms. Reese herself.

date and location are the crazy things dreams are made of

Well a girl can dream right!?  I wonder if Natalie Portman needs a baby shower invite? Wonder if she is decorating the nursery with black swans and ballet shoes?  Hmmm Pop Paper may be back sooner than later!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Let's toast to our 6- month wedding anniversary. Our our half-a-versary.

photo by: Rob Ingram
So in honor of our first six months, I thought I would redesign that song that was played at our wedding. My brother-in-law was kind enough to sing and play this song by Enter the Worship Circle, Wedding Days.

photo via Rob Ingram

Wedding Days-Enter the Worship Circle-
God Loves his family like a man loves his wife
And the woman she is glitter gold, And she dresses all in white
I`ve seen the wind run round her,
And threaten her with storm
I`ve seen the mountain shake to crush her
And the oceans raise a hand

But if God is near, She will not fall, And bruise her tender head
If God is near He will keep her from breaking. careful in His hands
If God is near the girl she will dance, and spin the heavens round
Wedding days are always remembered When true love has been found

You can download here 

I loved the imagery in the song and redesigned it into some lovely notecards.

Budget Savvy Inspiration

I love Jessica, the Budget Savvy Bride. I have been going to her blog since before I was engaged. She has always been so kind to me and even featured some of my budget savvy wedding ideas on her blog: my save the dates , my wedding, and most recently my bridesmaid luncheon. So I thought as my first little project I'd go back to her blog for inspiration.

When she began blogging about her own wedding she posted this inspiration board.

So I thought I could redesign that! I borrowed the vibrant blues and yellows, mimicked ruffled tiers in the wedding gown, and replicated the shape of the stones on the necklace and came up with this template for personalized notecards that Jessica and her new hubby could use. 

Bookmark me, follow me or come back often as I try to redesign that!