Friday, January 28, 2011

Pop Paper

I'm in love with a few things this week.  One of them being this fantastic, totally trendy but yummy nail color:

photo via Bakerella

I have been drooling over this color since last year and  I finally found the cheaper $1.99 version at Walgreens.  Sure you have to put on a couple of coats and it only lasts 3 days but it is rocking!  Makes me think of the color of sea foam and warmer days.

photo via Sinful Colors

Speaking of sea foam and warmer days.  We have a little business trip planned to South Carolina next weekend.  South Carolina begs to be visited.  The climate, the food, the people and of course Charleston. If I can't live there full time maybe I can bring a little Charleston charm and the coast into my home. I have my eye on this:

photo via Posh Living
For $40 this little pillow may be the easiest way for some instant Southern Charm.

And finally I am, and forever will be, in love with the gorgeous and also Southern,  Reese Witherspoon.  She can do no wrong in my fashion book. I ran across this photo of Ms. Reese Witherspoon shopping in Paris. Pure cold weather style perfection.  Sure she is in all black but those shoes are outta control!

photo via omg!
Rumor has it she was checking out bridal gowns for her big day when she weds her newly announced fiance Jim Toth.

photo via People
 So I got to thinking, how fun would it be to produce paper goods to the Hollywood Elite, hence today's blog title, Pop Paper.  I would love to redesign that wedding invite using the color of  my yummy mint apple/teal nail polish, perhaps a little coral inspiration with the Southern charm and style of Ms. Reese herself.

date and location are the crazy things dreams are made of

Well a girl can dream right!?  I wonder if Natalie Portman needs a baby shower invite? Wonder if she is decorating the nursery with black swans and ballet shoes?  Hmmm Pop Paper may be back sooner than later!

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