Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Let's toast to our 6- month wedding anniversary. Our our half-a-versary.

photo by: Rob Ingram
So in honor of our first six months, I thought I would redesign that song that was played at our wedding. My brother-in-law was kind enough to sing and play this song by Enter the Worship Circle, Wedding Days.

photo via Rob Ingram

Wedding Days-Enter the Worship Circle-
God Loves his family like a man loves his wife
And the woman she is glitter gold, And she dresses all in white
I`ve seen the wind run round her,
And threaten her with storm
I`ve seen the mountain shake to crush her
And the oceans raise a hand

But if God is near, She will not fall, And bruise her tender head
If God is near He will keep her from breaking. careful in His hands
If God is near the girl she will dance, and spin the heavens round
Wedding days are always remembered When true love has been found

You can download here 

I loved the imagery in the song and redesigned it into some lovely notecards.

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