Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anchors Away

The new j.crew catalog came in the mail yesterday.  Every time it drops through my mail slot it transports me to another world.  If I had to pick one catalog that I wanted to live in, I think it would be j.crew.

I flipped it open and immediately my eyes were drawn to this nautical little number. I feel like I have been trying to find this dress every summer and luckily here it is!

photo via my scanner and j.crew's February catalog
For $78 I could purchase  the proclaimed "see-worthy" Maritime Dress and set sail with that darling man in the khaki pants, which hopefully in my j.crew lifestyle would be my husband considering I think he owns those exact pants already.

But why stop there! Let's pretend in my j.crew fantasy world, we also own this amazing Beachside cottage.

photos via House Beautiful

 And we are going to invite you and several of our charming friends over to kick-off the summer in style.  I would buy this delicate little anchor necklace that only cost $6.99 on Yes, I am still being thrifty even when I live in j. crew world!
photo via

So pack your weekender bag. What's that? You don't have one? Perhaps this affordable tote from Brooks Brothers. It'll only set you back a whopping $35.20! I love a good sale.

photo via Brooks Brothers
Bring these bright wellies just in case it rains. Target has them online for $19.99! And come on over!
photo via Target

Okay sorry I have snapped back to reality.  It is still January and has been drizzling a cool wet rain all day.  But maybe I could redesign that whole j.crew dream world into a great little summer party invitation! Complete with clean, crisp lines, anchors, & red, white and blues!

Well my SS Reality has come back into port and I am pretty sure I have some laundry to fold and dishes to wash!

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snacktive said...

This reminds me that I need to subscribe to the catalog! That getaway would be so much fun. Love your writing.