Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letterpressed Physician

So if you been following my tweets from the weekend, you'll know that the Mr. is officially a Dr. 

I am so thrilled and proud of him.  I remember 4 years ago when I attended his White Coat ceremony and wondered if I would still be a part of his life to see his actual graduation.  Lucky for me, not only did I get to see his graduation, I got to see it as his Mrs.

This is a classic photo face for us. Don't be alarmed.
So what do you give the graduate?  We had a little cook-out complete with ice cream cake {requested by the new Dr and designed by Bruster's}

But I also wanted to get him something special.  My parents already gave him this awesome vintage army watch from J.Crew.

photo via J.Crew

So sticking with the vintage theme, I got him this fab vintage Doctor's Bag from Etsy seller: OdaraElle

I also got fellow blogger and one of my besties, Christen from Fashionplate Cheapskate to get her mom {Oopsy Daisy} to monogram a piece of fabric saying, " Dr. Blake Perry" so that I could adhere it to the inside of his bag.  Unfortunately, the first thing the future Dr. did was zip up the bag and lock it before I could tell him that I didn't have the key!?! 

I didn't want to stop there, so  I also wanted to get him his own personal stationary.  I haven't done much stationary that is focused for a man, so I knew before I tried to redesign that medical degree into personal stationary I should just keep it simple.  One color on a cream paper.  I also wanted it to be extra special, so I contacted my friend Jenny of Press Charming to letterpress my design. I love letterpress!! It takes everything up a notch.

Here's my design and here is my design "letterpressed" complete with the bag {locked}, his stationary and his monogram.

Know any good locksmith's?


Julie Tiemann said...

Congrats to the mister/doctor! That's awesome!

Em, you look amazing. Seriously. You're HAWT.

Good luck with that doctor bag - hilarious problem to have. I can only imagine trying to call a locksmith and explain that one. ;) Great gift idea, by the way!

christen said...

LOVE the doctor bag! such a great gift idea boo. And might I also add that you are seriously looking FAB in that striped dress. #stunning. please keep us posted on whether the bag ever gets unlocked. oh blake.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely and thoughtful gift! About unlocking it, take it to a local shoe/heel fixer/zipper fixer shop a.k.a. alterations shop. Many times they handle quick fixes for silly problems (like yours :D) I took a bag that was locked once (silly ME) and they were able to fix it for me. One thing they can do, is update the hardware as far as zipper goes, with a new lock! :D

Hope it works! oh, and thanks for sharing a link of my blog with your friend :D

toodles~ Luce