Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Kitty

Before I begin today's post I wanted to update my blog followers about the Swoozie's competition.  Sadly, they did not pick any of my designs for the contest. You can see their finalists here and of course my designs are from my

Not to fret, I will still keep on designing and chasing my dreams.   Perhaps I can gain inspiration from today's post about none other than my cat, Kitty Lynn.

This is Kitty Lynn. She is 11 years old.

She constantly struggles with her weight.

And for a while was always thirsty.

So I took her to the vet and we found out she had diabetes. So we began researching.

Turns out she beat the disease just by changing her diet.  {She follows a low carb CATkins diet} She now has LIVEabetes and truly is the face of HOPE!

She has recently had to go through a lot of changes. I stole her boyfriend.

And made her come to the wedding.

We also made her move to a new house and she sometimes gets lost in the long hallway and cries a lot.  So we went back to the vet. Turns out she is starting to go senile and has some arthritis.

Hey, maybe I could redesign that long list of ailments into something positive and create a cute tag to put on her carrier for the next visit to the vet.  Of course each tag needs to have the attitude and sass of Kitty Lynn. And while I'm at it, I should probably warn them about her health issues and behavioral problems.

I officially outed myself as the Crazy Cat Lady. I realize this so you don't have to point it out.


christen said...

hahaha, Em, this is my fav post to date!!! finally K-lo makes an appearance. i like them all, but I think my fav design is the last one. and my fav photo is def the one of you we took in NY next to the hope poster. classic.


Julie Tiemann said...

This is a hilarious post. But poor, poor Kitty Lynn. :( Diabetes, arthritis and senility - that just sounds plain awful. But the worst of all could be the Catkins diet. Gimmee some bread for crying out loud!