Monday, March 7, 2011

The Secret Garden

Remember when my J.Crew catalog came in the mail and we took that trip to the Hamptons a few posts ago?  Well, my Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail this week and it's all about the "Inspired Garden."  After flipping a few pages into it, I was already whisked away into a fantasy land of the perfect patio.

This is about all we are working with at our little place.  Two iron chairs under one tree.  Which most recently, our landlord pruned so it doesn't even have branches right now.

But what if we had this instead:

photo via Pottery Barn
I would hop online and purchase a copy of The Secret Garden on for only $6.99 or download it to my Kindle for free!  Curl up on my Pottery Barn Trellis Bench for only $749 and soak in the warm sunshine in my own Secret Garden. 

Top Left:  Pottery Barn outdoor pillow for $32
Bottom Left: Pottery Barn wooden laterns from $49 to $99
Top Right: Rikshaw Design Classic Women's Kurtas for $70
Bottom Right: Southern Living Garden Menu consisting of : Honey Biscuits, Pesto Goat Cheese, Cucumber-Salmon Watercress Sandwiches, Fresh Lemonade and From the Heart Petits Fours
Bottom Row: Anthropologie Fleur De Lys Juice glasses for $6

You're invited to join me! Hey, maybe I could redesign that Secret Garden into a Spring Brunch invite. I'd use the lovely color scheme from those Anthropologie glasses of orange, green and pink with the laidback style from both Pottery Barn and Rikshaw Design to create the perfect invite.

I couldn't decide so I made two different invites. This one incorporates the arch and latern.


Now if only this rain would go away and we could actually sit outside and enjoy the season.  Do you have a favorite design?

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