Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girl Scout Pop Paper

As I said in Tuesday's post, I've given up sweets for Lent. *le sigh*  Unfortunately, I bought a whole box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies on Monday.

These little gems will be going into my freezer and I'm crossing my fingers the Mr. doesn't dig into them before Easter.

I have also had my eye on this Mint Chocolate Chip recipe for some time now.

photo via Betty Crocker

I love that the cookies have a touch of green food coloring to them!  I think they'd be perfect for St. Patty's day. Too bad I won't be able to eat them.

Wonder if I could drink them instead? Hmmm. That mint green color makes me think of the very first shot I ever had-The Dirty Girl Scout.  Which brings us full circle again and makes me miss my Thin Mints.

photo via
I was definitely of age when I had that shot but my friend's ordered it for me because of the name and my goody-two-shoes behavior.  I guess it was as shocking as when Donna Martin drank in high school.  Thank goodness everything worked out and she graduated and ultimately married David Silver!

photo via TVguide

Too bad Donna and David didn't go with a Girl Scout color scheme of Mint Green and Chocolate Brown for their wedding. If they had, I think it would have looked like this:
Top Row: Fabric Swatch via Hawthorne Threads-Robert Kaufman Tiles in Grass, Wedding Bouquet via The Knot,  Jenny Garth in a fab green dress (aka Kelly Taylor)
Middle Row: Green & Brown cake via The Knot, Green & Brown inspired living room via House Beautiful
Bottom Row: Beach Wedding Ceremony decor via The Knot, Ring Bearer pillow via The Knot

Hey maybe I could redesign that 90210 wedding with it's mint green and chocolate brown color scheme into a wedding invite.  I hope Dylan and Brandon can make it!

Dear Big Sister-I hope you enjoyed this Pop Paper post. I never would have watched 90210 without you nor would I have figured out how to work the VCR so we could record it whenever we had to miss an episode!

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snacktive said...

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite and that shot and those cookies look amazing! They would all be perfect for St. Patty's day. Sorry you can't indulge!