Friday, February 18, 2011

Retro Kitchen

We rent we don't own.  Hence the lack of curtains mentioned in this post.  And as I said the other day, our house was built in the 1920s.  I love so many of the charming details. The arched doorways, the hardwoods and the amazing chandeliers.  But what I heart most is our kitchen!  It is so retro.  Even down to the ironing board that comes out of the wall.  I don't iron very much but I crack up every time my hubby asks me to iron one of his shirts because I am in the kitchen...ironing! So Betty Draper of me. {Well minus the cigarette.}

photo via amc
Here is a little peek into our kitchen.  These pictures are from when we first moved in because according to the Mr. he wanted to clean before I took recent photos.  Don't let me stop you!  It still looks pretty much the same only a few tweaks here and there.

This is the brand of sink we have! How great is that-Feel like a Beauty Queen while you wash dishes!!
However before I even knew we were gonna live here I had registered for this must have kitchen appliance in Buttercup. Best part is-I got it! My bridesmaids are all Grammy award winning Rockstars because they got it for me!

photo via Amazon
It fits the retro "Beauty Queen" kitchen perfectly.  I am also a little jealous of  this designer kitchen i found on House Beautiful.

photo via House Beautiful
The floor, the counter tops, the island, the double sinks, the ceiling, those light fixtures...need I say more.  Insane.  At least we do have the same kitchen aid!

Maybe I could redesign that retro kitchen into a lovely little bridal shower invite!  I tried to mimic my own kitchen floor and replicate the "Beauty Queen" font the best I could. 

If I was invited and money was no option, I would probably buy the bride this little number in Ice.

photo via Amazon
Oh well money does seem to be an option and my day job is calling.

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angela said...

I love love love that yellow and dark grey kitchen. I showed my fiance and I think we are gonna register for those colors :) and definitely for the yellow mixer!!!! Soo cute!!

Ps- I found these invitations on etsy that I loveeeee but I don't want to pay that much for tem. If you could design those for us to print then that would be amaaaaaa :) let me know if you're interested and I'll show you the link. :)