Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Retro Pop Paper

As I was wandering historic Charleston on Monday, I stopped in front on the Lacoste store on King Street and saw this in the window.

photo via Mocomac2010
It  immediately made me think of  the Cookies & Cream cupcake I ate the day before at Fresh Cupcakes. It was only $2.75 and was pure heaven. If you are in the 400 block of King Street you need to visit!

photo via Fresh Cupcakes
It also made me think of our shower curtain. I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for around $40. It's the Grandeur Hotel Collection. Sadly they don't sell the black and white anymore.  But everything about our bathroom is black and white with a hint of seafoam and khaki


photos via my sweet Casio digital camera
There is something about black and white that just exudes classiness.  I mean check out this Kate Spade bag, Bow Regard MaryAnne.  Just adding a little black bow to your metallic strap steps this satchel up a notch.  And for only $445 it can be yours!
photo via Kate Spade
Even this amazing wedding gown screams high class from the Queen of all things black and white, White House Black Market.  And its actually just under $600!

photo via White House Black Market

Now this may be a tad risky but I am even digging this black and white moon manicure. With the right outfit this puts a little spin on the traditional french manicure.

photo via InStyle
Anyways all this black and white daydreaming got me reminiscing back to 2004 when we first met our young, naive highschoolers from Laguna Beach.  Remember that first episode from Season 1, when LC, Lo, Morgan and Christina got together to throw A Black and White Affair?  The look LC gave Kristin when she showed up in the only white dress to flirt/fight with Ste-phen was priceless.

photo via MTV

I wonder if LC and the girls sent out paper invites?  I bet I could redesign that high school drama into a fun little invite.  Here are 2 black and white options for today's Pop Paper, Retro version. I decided to use red as an accent color just to add even more fuel to the Laguna Beach fire.

I miss Laguna Beach.  Team LC.  Boo Kristin. This is pathetic, I need to get out more...

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