Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiss Me Kate

Yes, I am going to be one of the crazies that will set my alarm at 5am central time to watch The Royal Wedding. Sure, it may seem petty in light of all the drama and tragedy in the world but everyone loves a good fairy tale wedding.  And since these two started dating, we've been waiting for another beautiful Prince & Princess to obsess over.  And like one of my friends said, "Kate reminds me of a British Lauren Conrad." I couldn't agree more. Her style and fresh look makes me think she's a pretty cool chic.

photos via The Huffington Post
Apparently, my invite got lost in the mail but luckily E! news will air it live. And don't even get me started on the wedding invitation. I guess the UK will have to be my next market to tackle for freelance jobs.

photo via Brides.com
Ever since the happy couple announced their engagement, the media has been buzzing about this wedding. Heck the Mr. and I even watched a little of the cheesy William & Kate Lifetime Movie.  {It was bad and the Mr. realized NBA was on instead}

photo via Lifetime
There are several websites out there for planning the perfect viewing party complete with decorations and recipes. Here are just a few ideas:

Top Row:
BBC Royal Wedding Street Party Ideas, Decorative Things Keep Calm napkins for $15, Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe.
Bottom Row:
Betty Crocker Engagement Ring Mini Cupcakes, Eggs Florentine Recipe, Decorative Things Keep Calm cups for $19

In case you hadn't seen my previous post, I had already redesigned those fabulous hats that Kate wears into a bridal shower invite so why not redesign that Royal Wedding into a fun viewing party invite.  Of course the Union Jack would make an appearance and so would a crown. Because what's a Royal Wedding without a crown!

Pretty sure my Royal Wedding party guest list includes me and Kitty Lynn.  Are you waking up early? Loved to hear the details of your viewing party. Leave me a comment below.

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