Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry for the lack of postings this week. We are back from house hunting Winston-Salem style and I'm a little under the weather but alas I must blog!  So we didn't get the dream loft simply because it wouldn't be very fun to live in the dream loft and eat only Ramen Noodles.  But we did put a contract down on this little cottage.  Pending paperwork it will be Home Sweet Home!

Of course there are a few tweaks here and there that we will need to do to make it absolutely perfect. The first would be the master bathroom. The Mr. got spoiled when we saw a few brand new bathrooms in the other lofts and houses.  This may have been the one room that made him nervous to sign the contract.  But I see so much potential for this little space.

Definitely needs a new mirror over the vanity and a new light fixture and probably at some point we'd want to tile the floors but the one idea I had was maybe wallpapering that back wall or the wall with the vanity. I love the inspiration I found on House Beautiful, Cottage Living and Apartment Therapy.

Photo Credits
Top Row Right to Left: House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Cottage Living, House Beautiful
Bottom Row: Apartment Therapy and House Beautiful

My style usually isn't something so busy but I sort of like the idea of being bold and loud with a smaller space.  I peaked around my closet for some inspiration and found this vintage Gunne Sax bridesmaid dress from my mom.  She was in a Romeo & Juliet themed wedding-I know I know! And all the maids had to wear this. It has served as a wonderful Halloween costume many years running. I love the embroidered detailing!

Hey, maybe I could redesign that vintage Gunne Sax into some wallpaper for my future master bathroom.  Luckily, with Design Your Wall you can upload your own personal designs or photos and they will turn it into wallpaper. I seriously am considering this idea!

I need to get out of my pajamas and act like a grown up considering we may be homeowners soon!


christen said...

you know I am all in favor of bold wallpaper print in a bathroom! :) and i love what you have designed. i think that would be so fun to say you designed your own wallpaper - I say DO IT!


Caroline said...

Yeah, I am so excited about the place! it's super cute and you will put your Emily fabulous touch on it! I love the bold bathrooms. Hey, it's no pepto pink stripes, but it will look great. I love the blue pattern and also love the green one in the pic with the red light fixture! So excited for you guys.