Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Under the Sea

So as I stated in this post, in a few months we will be moving into that adorable little cottage.  And of course my head has been swimming with design ideas.  This is our current bedspread. We registered for it from Pottery Barn last year and I absolutely love it.

photo via Pottery Barn and no that isn't our bedroom but the one from the website. *le sigh*
It has a very beachy feel to it. And even though Winston-Salem isn't on the coast, I've still been visiting Coastal Living for some decorating ideas. Which is where I found this gem.

photo via Coastal Living
I think with the right furniture and throw pillows this would work well with our current duvet! 

Since the Mr. is from south Alabama near the gulf, I had always thought we would have a beach wedding.  {We ended up having more of a backyard barn bbq wedding and you can see some of our photos here and here}  If we had though, I would have loved to put some of these ideas to use!

Photo Credits
Top Row: Coastal Living decor, Amazing shift dress for $320 by BHLDN, Awesome Starfish headband for $30 from etsy seller Bohemian Bombshell
Middle Row: Starfish chair decorations via The Knot, Alternative starfish boutonniere via The Knot
Bottom Row: Simple starfish centerpiece via The Knot, Perfect starfish necklace for $25 via etsy seller Two Little Doves, Yummy Marzipan and Graham Cracker sand starfish cupcake via Martha Stewart recipe here

Hey maybe I could redesign that dream beach wedding into a fabulous wedding invite. I would use the starfish motif of course with simple blue and white color scheme. I would totally put the invitation on kraft paper for a sandy rustic beach house feel and use a mix of script and sans script fonts.

Now I want to plan my wedding all over again. There is always vow renewal! Is a year anniversary too soon to throw another party?


Madeline said...

Thanks so much for featuring our Headband in your beautiful blog! We would Love to connect with you!
Check out our Blog here:

-Bohemian Bombshell

Melina said...

I'm with you! I already want to do a vow renewal just to have another wedding! Maybe at 5 years? Is that still too soon? lol. That is a very pretty invite! It would be so perfect for that beachy destination celebration!