Monday, April 18, 2011

Team Player

Even a tornado can't stop SEC fans from loving their football, especially free football. Even after a Friday filled with terrible storms across the state and southeast, die hard fans still came out to support their teams this weekend at spring practice games.

I grew up going to UGA games as a child and I vividly remember going to the Red & Black spring games where the team puts on full pads & helmets and plays each other. {Now I believe they call it the G-day game}  So here in Alabama, we have the A-day games for both Auburn & Alabama.  I will give the award to Alabama for having the most dedicated fans.  According to this article on SB Nation here is the break down of this weekend's spring practice attendance:
Alabama: 92,310
Auburn: 53,209
Georgia: 43,117

I took this picture 20 minutes before kickoff.  By the time the game had started most of the upper deck was filled!

Saturday really did turn out to be a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy one last SEC football game before we move to ACC country.  As I've mentioned here, we live about a mile from the University of Alabama's stadium so game day is always a fun environment. 

Hey maybe I could redesign that SEC team spirit into some fun calling cards. What a fun way to show your school pride when you pass along a gift, note or batch of cookies!

Don't see your team?  No worries there's plenty of time before the fall NCAA football season begins. Let me know and I'll redesign your team spirit!

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Jordan Collins said...

I would definitely like to purchase some of those cards! So stinkin' cute, and you're so talented! Thanks for using us as an example! We love our Tide!