Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Redesigned by Request

So the whole reason I started this little blog was to try and build up a stationary/invitation biz.  Just last month I actually got my first order designing a Couple's Shower invite for Jordan.  {Sure, she works with my best friend but still!} 

When I first read the email that the Couple's Shower invite was also a Stock the Kitchen party, I thought maybe I could tweak the one I already designed here. But then as I kept reading the email, I realized there was a lot more going on and I needed to step back and literally Redesign That.

So here is what I learned about the party!

1. It's an Entertainment/Stock the Kitchen Couple's shower. I immediately thought about the day we registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and were so overwhelmed by the amount of tools and gadgets!

photo via
2. The event was going to be at Pale Eddie's Pour House in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama. I just recently moved from Birmingham after having lived there for over 10 years and never even knew this cool venue existed.  Seriously, friends next time I'm in town let's go here for a drink!

photos via Pale Eddie's Pour House
3. Try to incorporate the downtown skyline if at all possible. Knowing I am moving far away from this skyline makes it a little bittersweet. Sometimes Birmingham is the best kept secret of the South. Trust me, coming from a girl who grew up in a suburb of Atlanta.

photo via City-Data

photo via World of Stock
4. Make room for not just the party deets but also the cute poem that Jordan wrote:

 Plates and Bowls, Spoons and Forks,
Games, Movies, Wine Glasses and Decorative Corks
Anything for the Kitchen or Entertaining Friends
Let’s Stock Them Up Before Their New Life Begins

5. And finally bright color and a bold fontYour wish is my command dear!

So after looking at her requests, I thought you know what, I definitely could redesign that Stock the Kitchen Couple's Shower, Downtown Party at a cool Bar Venue with a fun poem and lots of bold color!  Instead of a plain ole city scene let's make our city scene with glasses, forks and a martini shaker!

Like I always say: If the client's happy then I'm happy! I got the hard copy in the mail yesterday and really was so impressed with how they turned out. 

So what do you think? Did I meet the redesign by request?  Do you have a redesign by request you need me to work on? Leave a comment or tweet me!


Melina said...

It looks great! Congrats on your first order! :-)

Ashley Baker said...

You did an awesome job of using all the elements they wanted in the design. So talented my friend!

christen said...

super cute boo! I am loving the skyline incorporation!


Jordan Collins said...

Thanks again for everything! You were a PLEASURE to work with, and I look forward to getting you more business in the future! Everyone LOVES them!

Heather said...

I think you did a great job! I like all of the different elements you brought in from her requests. I didn't know you lived in Atlanta and Alabama; I've never been to either of those places! Congratulations on your first real client!

Julie Tiemann said...

OK, that is a super creative idea of incorporating the kitchen utes into the skyline. Muy impressivo, Emily!!!