Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunburst Save the Dates

While in the throes of home decorating, I have fallen victim to the cliche of the Sunburst Mirror.  I had no idea these mirrors were in such high demand and pretty common among home interior circles.  But the moment I saw them on HGTV and in design magazines, I had to have one.

Then my newest Ballard Designs catalog came and what do you know-boom Sunburst Mirror. Case in point-screen shot from the digital catalog:

screen capture via Ballard Design online catalog
We already have painted our den a bold navy.  ( Don't worry a Redesigned Room by Room post coming soon)  I knew I wanted to display our yet to be purchased Sunburst Mirror in the den but I was a little fuzzy on the other details. 

So I did a trusty Google search and stumbled upon the fab blog of interior designer, Emily A Clark.  Not only do we share the first name Emily and middle initial A, but we also both live in North Carolina!  After that, the similarities pretty much stop there.  Please enjoy her fabulous living room, complete with navy walls and a Sunburst Mirror.

all photos via Emily A. Clark
So being the thrifty gal that I am, I found a Sunburst Mirror from Target for a whopping $24.99 and it was the first item to go up on our navy walls.  Here is your sneak peek. Once the Mr. helps me hang some shelves, we will have a complete post.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo
Hey, maybe I could redesign that Sunburst Mirror into a fun Save the Date.  I would stick with the navy & gold-why mess up a good thing and I will even create a backer for this invite.

Sunburst: Front of card. Stripes: Back of card.

So thanks Emily A Clark for much needed inspiration and maybe some day when I'm making the big bucks I can hire you for a real consultation!

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Caroline said...

I love the navy blue, everything will look so good with it. It makes me want to start all over decorating in my house. I'm over my style and ready
I love the play by play on it! Thanks for sharing it with us.
It makes me want to hop in the car and come visit.