Monday, August 22, 2011

Keys to a Happy Home

Well we have been in our new house for over 2 months!   We still have several rooms to update and decorate but it is starting to feel like home.  Even on the days when the Mr. has to work a night shift at the hospital, I look forward to coming home.  I think one of the happiest moments was getting our keys at closing and hooking them on our keychain.

I came across a large oversize skeleton key at this cute vintage/consignment store here in town, Retale. {Every item has a story}  I mean check out how amaze balls this store is from the street.

photo via Retale FB page

I am still kicking myself for not buying that key.  I am crossing my fingers it is still in the shop and will try to find it this week. Because just look at all the fab, decorative things you can do with skeleton keys.

1. Framed in a shadowbox-easy and awesome {photo via Hollysrollercoaster}
2. Another shadowbox but with sheet music behind it-get it keys/music keys!  {photo via etsy shop Country Chic Cottage}
3. Please look at this creative way to decorate a bookshelf, I even love the keys in the vase {photo via Country Living}
4. Okay I am utterly in love with this bouquet-vintage & romantic {photo via The Bride's Cafe}
5. Matching guest table idea, little notes tied to keys aka-"Keys to a Happy Marriage" I totally stole/altered the title for this post by the way {photo via The Bride's Cafe}
6. And I absolutely adore this idea for escort cards-BA-NAN-NAS {photo via United With Love}

There are so many reasons why I am digging these right now. The key alone feels like it has a story to tell, a secret to unlock and a code to crack. They are vintage, mysterious, romantic and intriguing.

Hey maybe I could redesign that vintage skeleton key into a simple "We've Moved" card.  If you know me well enough then you probably walked to your mailbox in the last couple of weeks and got our card.  I chose a simple key/heart motif and I used green to match our front door/shutters.

To everyone who received our card-Home really is where the heart is and pieces of our heart are all over the country in each of your homes! We miss y'all!

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Heather said...

Is that your house?!?! It's sooo cute!!!