Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Redesigned Rehearsal

This week is my shout out to all things Becca with Rebecca Rose Events.  We are only 2 more sleeps away from the Rebecca Rose Events & Amy Lynne Originals grand opening shindig and I am so excited.

Becca approached me back in July to design some rehearsal dinner invites for a bride & groom she was working with.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  These two were having a Texas {groom} meets North Carolina {bride} bbq dinner at the perfect venue-WinMock.  I have already expressed my love for WinMock here and of course I hold a soft spot in my heart since I had my own wedding reception in a barn. {American Village in Montevallo, AL}

photo from my reception via ToDobyAmy
 So for this lovely bride & groom I knew the colors were coral & brown and the theme was casual, rustic and fun.  We definitely wanted a shout out to the barn and everything else would be clean and simple.  So maybe I could redesign that into an invite that expressed all those things in one.

all information has been changed to protect the innocent

And after seeing the photos from the actual event I think the invite was a perfect sneak peek into what this night was all about.

Styling by Rebecca Rose Events photos via Jessica Lobdell

Makes me want to have a party in a barn again! Y'all come back ya here.

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