Monday, June 20, 2011

Redesigned Room by Room: Guest Bathroom

So we have moved into our house and I started a full time job right away.  What we haven't done is fully unpack and decorate.  We have a lot of things to do before it finally feels like home such as buy smaller furniture, paint rooms and get a new oven.  Until then I thought I would keep y'all updated Room by Room!

First up: The Guest Bathroom.  This was the Guest Bathroom when we purchased the house in March.

And this is the Guest Bathroom as of today.

So I still need a bathmat, curtains and a cute soap dispenser. But for the most part if you were to come over to our house and stay the night, you could take a shower!

The amazing angel painting is a gift from my favorite artist, our travel agent and dear friend, Patty George.  The shower curtain is from WorldMarket. {I was on a mad search for a red, brown and white shower curtain. No one, I repeat, no one but WorldMarket carried one. Thank you, WorldMarket.} I also have these great coordinating wall accents on the far wall that you can't see that well in the photo from Southern Living Home that match the shower curtain perfectly!

Hey maybe I could redesign that Guest Bathroom into a wedding invitation.  I would keep the color scheme of red, white, brown and gray. I would used medallions as the backdrop.  And to stay with a rustic feel, let's have the event at the newest wedding venue in town, WinMock at Kinderton. You can see why from the picture below:

photos via WinMock at Kinderton
And here is the complimenting invitation inspired by our Guest Bathroom!

Stay Tuned-there's more rooms to come and if you need to take a shower you are more than welcome in our new Guest Bathroom!

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