Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Oh how I have missed you blog!  I am sorry it took so long to get a new post it.

A lot has happened. We packed up our renting ways, bought a house and I immediately landed a new job upon arrival.  I say this calls for a toast!  Luckily, my new friend in town Becca from the fabulous Rebecca Rose Events, and creator of the inspiring Ever Lovely Blog {you're welcome} took me out for a cocktail my first week!

photo via Tate'sCraft Cocktails

She took me downtown to Tate's Craft Cocktails.  It's a swanky little bar in downtown Winston-Salem. The moment I stepped inside I felt like I had stepped into a SpeakEasy in 1920s New York.

photo via Tate's Craft Cocktails

If there were tables available we would have sat outside and enjoyed the cool summer night. Just walking by the patio, I forgot I was in North Carolina and not Miami or Havanna.

photo via Tate's Craft Cocktails
And ultimately the menu full of hand crafted tasty cocktails remind us of the four reasons for drinking:
  • the arrival of a friend
  • one’s present or future thirst
  • the excellence of the drink
  • or any other reason.
Hey, maybe I could redesign that!

Luckily right before we left Alabama, I was asked to redesign just that.  The client wanted a classy, upscale cocktail party invite.  Her reason for an invite falls into one of the 4 reasons-one's present or future thirst.  Instead of doing the traditional graphic of cocktail glasses we kept the look more realistic, added a custom monogram and scripted font.  {details have been changed to protect the innocent!}

Thirsty?  Come visit me at my new house and I'll take you to Tate's Craft Cocktails  afterall it would be the arrival of a friend!

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Heather said...

Glad you're enjoying your new home and congrats on the job!