Sunday, January 1, 2012

Redesigned Renovations

So I have had the whole week after Christmas off from work. It was nice to travel back to Alabama and Georgia to see friends and family, not to mention spending some quality time in trapped in a car with the Mr.  It was nice to actually see and talk to him longer than an hour.  We got home late on the 27th and then the small around-the-house projects began.

I wish I had some amazing before and after shots to show you but no, these changes are very small but are HUGE. They are big because, I did them! The Mr. is away being a Dr. during the day and I decided instead of spending my days like a "Real Housewife" I would be an independent Housewife and get things done!

Things like this:

Switched out all the light switches and outlets that were brass!
Replaced the broken guest bathroom shower head.

Fixed the wobbly toliet paper holder-this one is HUGE. This thing drove me and guests crazy.
Finally fixed the broken towel holder in the master bathroom.
Hung a few crafty items I created above our headboard. 

Cleaned and organized the master bedroom office area. Hey Mr. you better keep YOUR office neat!

Took down all the Christmas decor (including the tree by myself ) AND made this nifty little wreath thanks to Pintrest

So I was feeling pretty darn independent, handy and confident.  I said to myself, "Self-why do you have to wait on the Mr. to hang those darn shelves in the den?  You don't! Go give it a try. You know where he keeps his drill!"

And this happened:

Ugly. Hole. Crack. Blemish. Boom. Ugh. Explicative. Sad Face.

But then this little nugget of a quote came in my inbox in the email newsletter from Consignment Furniture Emporium in Winston-Salem. 
"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched.  Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential."
~ Ellen Goodman

I can't find the potential yet in the hole in the wall. I am sure the Mr. will eventually hang the shelves for me and I can always strategically place a vase or picture over the hole but I should look at potential around me this year.  I can be more positive in 2012-more positive in my marriage, in myself, in my relationships and in my job.  Maybe even with this little blog.  Maybe I shouldn't beat myself up when I can't think of the perfect invitation & matching post. 

Hey, maybe I could redesign that quote into a redesigned little piece of typography.


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